53 squaremeters of mistery

Why I was not here? I moved. I have lived in the House of Mystery for a while. When I finished reading the 3 first comic books that Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges did of this classic anthology , Mr.53 got me the rest. Square treat. I don´t much enjoy writing critics of books, not to spoil the story. Because, what else could I tell you about their plots or their drawings that you can´t see with your eyes? These 2 guys make me want to spend my days in bed with them. When the art is made by Luca Rossi, Ross Campbell, Sean Murphy, Zachary Baldus, Steve Rolston, Jose Marzan, Jill Thompson or Sam Weber. I want them to keep on working so i can keep on living there.

Well, I hope this is enough excuse for breaking my new year resolution of drawing one hour a day, that I wrote in the clever greeting card I got from a designer friend. Just know that this post is dedicated to him, to Xavi, for still being there (ets gran, catalufos!).