Memorias de Pez

9 months later, my fish project has become a book!Presentación_Pez_Madrid_Baja


With a hugeeee exhibition. See the videos for it.






New challenge: a drawing a day 2015


Been challenged by my illustrator friend @finky_ingres to make a drawing a day during 2015. I chose FISH as a theme. And I will draw cartoons with fish species as main characters who share their daily thoughts and moods, as additional content for an art book I am working on by the title “MEMOIRS OF A FISH”, which hopefully will be finished by 2015 too.


Why fish? Today Fish is the most diverse group of vertebrates with more than 30.000 species. I decided to use a double scheme for each cartoon: writing fish bubbles in Spanish, giving biology information in English. The references are mentioned in the pic captions. For the moment I am just taking pictures, and I will properly scan them in the future, should I have time for that. In the meantime, with this instant way of sharing, image resolution might not be the best yet, at least, they will remain Fresh Fish.


You can see them either following my Instagram @a_mayuscula

or my new Facebook page, here

Cold warm winter goodbyes for today!




Get lovely Christmas gifts on time for someone gets them on time too!

Hello all,

now I opened this online shop where I adapted some of my illustrations for prints, mugs and other stuff I find cool enough for my illustrations to bee seen around.

Go click here and have a look. Ah! And also let me know if you are happy with what you see. ¡Gracias!



Para Juan Uscola

Para Juan Uscola

Por el baúl de los disfraces.
Por nuestras cabañas.
Por los largos buceando.
Por tus cortes de pelo a mis muñecas.
Por no morir con mi castigo del insecticida.
Por escaparnos de casa por las noches.
Por los Who, los Jam y los Clash.
Por arreglarme siempre la bici.
Por llevarme con tus amigos.
Por protegerrme de tus amigos.
Por amar sólo a una mujer, y habérnosla elegido bien.
Por hacerme tía.
Por tener la emotividad más baja de toda la comunidad de Madrid.
y porque aún así, sabes hacerte querer.
¡Feliz cumpleaños!