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Moody Panda


I can´t stand my holidays being over. This is what I have to say:

Just let me know when FRIDAY comes.

Object drawn: a Toy I got as gift brought from Shanghai in 2008, one of Hi Panda! collection. I never knew if i like more the panda or the box he was packed into. So I make him stand on his box as a pedestal.

Rosa Rosae


From here to here, there is something in fake flowers that attracts me like glitter to magpies. That´s why I got me this bunch of pink kitsch roses. Roses. Rosa Rosae. My absolute favourite flower, since I learned The Nightingale and the Petit Prince had both lived for them, not for that huge silly white mulberry we had in school to feed even sillier silk worms, that never lived more than a week. Who was I to choose a less romantic flower than some of my heroes had?

Yet, for decoration, I just like combining the roses symbolism with the silk and plastic cheerful superficiality. For the smell, I sometimes get me no matter what cosmetic product, as long as I really love its packaging, and is rose scented. For symbolism, I dry every rose I am ever offered, and I won´t say that I would even go as far as to bury them in special places, not to look what I really am…. Hey, just a fan of Oscar Wilde.  For further confessions, please send donations.

A poisoned gift.


Got this sketchbook. What initially looked like a super cool silicon sketchbook from Mark´s Tokyo Edge for my collection, turned to be a personal commission which will poison my free time making me work EVEN harder. mmm.  Suspicious of a death squad? Nope. It came from the least toxic man I know: Mr 53.

Must fill it up by doing a drawing or more a day, using only these poisoned with inspiration felt-tip pens, part of the gift. The pens mandatory is interesting, because I am not specially skilled using them, so here there is a chance to experiment colouring. I have decided to keep on drawing the objects we keep in Casa53, to be consistent with this blog project. Only when I finish and deliver this sketchbook back, with an extra dose of art, will I get the antidote to exhaustion. Please please, make it sweet.


Watching TV news you need to shift your gaze elsewhere from to time to time, to swallow the bit s of food from your dinner, trying to ignore the World you left out as you closed the door of your home, a World that shows all its pains in your screen. But it is impossible. The World rotates and revolve and you can´t stop it. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan I try not to shift my gaze down, but from time to time, in front of this catastrophe, I still prefer to look around. Useless. I see all the lovely and cool things we have from Japan. Books, illustrations, clothes, games, toys…Japanders rock. I listed the names of the brands and the people from Japan we admire. And then I googled them to check if there was any news. I immediately found this useful site.  It is a person finder. It is quick and you can give information if you have got it, or look for the ones you love

We all hope Japan nightmare to end soon.

And as Forges (brilliant Spanish cartoonist) says everyday: “but don´t forget Haiti”.

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To read some thoughts on donating only on emergencies this is an interesting post with interesting comments

Hello back

To all, and specially to Soo. The object I chose is a japanese paper lantern I brought from Seoul to Madrid, for my litlte lamps collection.  This is soft light for you, Soo, to illuminate your way back throughout the World.

Little brother is watching me

One day my brother Jaime was born, and he was a baby. I wasn’t. I was eight, visiting him in that hospital and not much interested. I found it funnier to plug my hairpin into the jack. Getting almost killed I learned that mothers like to accumulate kids, not substituting them. Later, new brother and I shared the room. He was cool. If only he didn´t sleep with his eyes open. Maybe he did so because I was a sleepwalker. We little monsters got on. Old brother and me took care of him while he grew up, and up, and up. Up to two meters high, the height needed to pack his so many qualities: super witty, clever, smart, ambitious, popular and big-hearted. One of those persons you would buy a second-hand car from. So I have just bought his, which I won´t draw, cause it´s not parked inside the 53m2 (only cause door is too small). Instead I will draw these awesome laughing teeth he gave me for my birthday, which I associate with all the times Jaime has taken me out to party or has made me laugh. Whenever he called and noticed sad boredom. Now I feel he is the one who has been really taking care of me, since I chose not to grow up. Jimmy rocks. Forever.