sketchcrawl37 in Madrid

Had forgotten to post the drawings done at the last Sketchcrawl in Madrid, pushed by Enrique Flores (check his work) We had a lovely saturday time at Esto es una plaza (a public space in Madrid to develop social projects, mainly around the Madrilian net of urban gardens, link here).

Slow pace at speedy train

Lost a train where were i was meant to travel with work colleagues, traveled alone on next one, rain on the window, worries in mind… It was time for drawing hands and self protraits on the train window. I managed to unworry. Destination anywhere, east or west, i dont care. Totally uncommited. Lonely trips are the best ones.








Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

It is both going high at a very particular party!
Ducks meet planes up in the air over Toronto Island, where Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is located.
Such a hybrid dance of wings is so hypnotising that you would not even notice Superman Doing the rounds.
Not even Super Grover.

I take it back

It is not just the building what captivates the eye at the Ago, but it is forbidden to take pics at the work of Evan Penny, so here goes another doodle of a building who got a good rival in the art exhibited within.


Concrete killed the Oil star

For some time ago the art that captivates the eye in modern museums is to be found in the building. Specially, when mixed media like glass, wood, aluminium and concrete, are strikingly used by Torontonian Frank O. Gehry. Should I say Frank Oh! Gehry.

Long time-life to the AGO.


What’s the Wurst that could happen?

To this cat, who actually lives the easy life of Old Cabbagetown, the worst that could happen is being brought to this peculiar restaurant.
Where they craft wursts out of meat from elk, kangaroo, duck, bison, boar, venison, boerewors (whatever that is), guinea fowl, rabbit, pheasant, and something called Danger Dog (pig).
Worst cat nightmares, could be served with best beers…


Filed Freedom

Skyscrappers are like giant file boxes for people who swaps freedom for money.
And not always for indecent amounts of money.

Mies Van der Rohe’ s Black Towers in Toronto are a very beautiful example on urban human filing boxes, though.