Dibugenteando: The reader

Dibugenteando: The reader

Fancy my illustrations? Write me! If interested in commissioning my original works, getting digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk! I´m Amaya at: auscola@gmail.com

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Fancy my illustrations? Write me! If interested in commissioning my original works, getting digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk! I´m Amaya at: auscola@gmail.com

De-stressing in distress

Cool day speedy walking by the sea, with a Catalan best friend who can multitask and tell stories of Barcelona, while we seemed to be walking our ways out of that city.
I am exhausted.

Then she took me to the hippy Sundays thing to do, which was good for a change to the Madrilian hipster Sundays thing to do. We explored Ciutatella park and I could feel my narrow-mindedness in all its glory, just to blame myself, instead of saying that what I saw was a zillion people literally narrowing my body with theirs, while I waited my friend who went on for shiatsu at a stall.

I had a very stressful half an hour where i grabbed my pencils trying to focus on something nice. But while i drawed people hit me, stepped on me, pushed and pulled and gave me complimentary punk massages, never required. I feel jealous of how people can relax so easily in these places.
Maybe relaxing in public should start being a subject to teach at schools.
As for the rest of the day, I really relaxed by laughing with my friend.
I am so loving Barcelona.


sketchcrawl37 in Madrid

Had forgotten to post the drawings done at the last Sketchcrawl in Madrid, pushed by Enrique Flores (check his work) We had a lovely saturday time at Esto es una plaza (a public space in Madrid to develop social projects, mainly around the Madrilian net of urban gardens, link here).

Filed Freedom

Skyscrappers are like giant file boxes for people who swaps freedom for money.
And not always for indecent amounts of money.

Mies Van der Rohe’ s Black Towers in Toronto are a very beautiful example on urban human filing boxes, though.


Post mortage housing

This building would make a beautiful house to live, were it not because it is a cemetery chapel. A post mortem housing.
At least, if you were brought here, you wouldn’ t need to pay the mortage.

P.S. Find the squirrel.


Valiant venuses in shivering seas

Life drawing at Islas Cies, the molecular version of other natural paradises in bigger foreign continents. Locals visit on the day and bathe in icy crystal waters. Like these brave venuses.

Seagulls own the beach and visitors cannot get off the beaten track. Most beautiful beaten tracks one could wish for. Mayik kayaks tour around the beached coast, and turn around when getting to the cliffed coast. First populated by monks who liked to live dangerously. Later  “unpopulated” by pirates who fancied monk-harassing.  Today, human settlements are controlled to the extent of needing ID cards, fixed return tickets and full paid camping bookings, even before being allowed to hop on the ferry.

You need to collect your rubbish and take it back to the peninsula, which feels like a beautiful example of something we Spaniards lack, but are on our way to build: the sense of  community. On the walks, you might spot two guys mountain-biking along the seven kilometers lenght north island, and up its 197 meters high peaks. It´s the biking police. For any other people, no bikes or cars or skates or anything are allowed. Shoes are allowed. But not really needed.

Padron Peppers and Super Sardines can be ordered at the island eatery. As fresh food, polbo a feira, empanadas, local wines, and meats, daily imported. I wonder if you actually import them in the same ferry you travel to Cies. Maybe it´s the fishermen who can be seen at sunrise on the sea. Unless they are paid just to betaken pictures of.

Once back int he city, Cies Islands can cause severe cyber verborrea, or blogorrea. Or extreme “morriña” .  A cocooning mood to be cured listening to the exquisitely irreverent Spanish punk rock band from the 80´s, the galician Siniestro Total.

Winner wings


Use Victorinox birds for whatever the purpose, and you know you´ll beat them all. These tool is not just one of the many Victorinox we keep at casa53 (once you watch THIS, there´s no way to resist). It is “the” one. It does even work as a remote control to open Ikea´s doors. My Win Win bird,  is actually branded as “Spirit”.