Leap years


Everything fell down in february, a domestic apocalypse catapulted time to a newborn galaxy of thoughts for three years of lost meanings: from love to family, from work to status, from togetherness to loneliness, nothing meant nothing.

And yet another february, the past is gone, present prevails, Mr Gold was swallowed up by that old february hurricane and there she goes, Martha, and her two kids, with inexistent expectations, at a point in life where, finally, the Unknown just feels safer than anything she ever knew before.

Might be cause is not really february, but february the 29th.

Leap years are the best.

(Again, to read book critics, you better go to Goodreads, Inks on books is a project where I just draw on the books I read, and then write whatever for the post.)



Inks on books






Une histoire joyeuse



Got this movie as a present. Liked it a lot (the present and the movie). Did this drawing. Scanned it badly. Forgot to upload it. Just remembered it. Too tired to review the story now. Not that tired to update my blog now. What a silly mess for a friday night. Off to celebrate I´m sort of on holidays by sleeping like a sheep. I love getting presents. Thank you.

Libre libraries

Got me the latest novel from Almudena Grandes.  The story is been told a million times, a boy´s life in post Spanish war times. But she can really write, and that is what matters. Although I got the book because of the title: El lector de Julio Verne (The Reader of Jules Verne). Just his name takes me back to childhood evenings at a children public library, daily refugee after school for someone who never enjoyed home. Pilar, the librarian, ended up being considered as a friend in my planet, for allowing me to sit close to her behind the desk, a barricade to stay reading my favourite things, and do the book-stamping for other children. I felt important and safe. Unfortunately, it´s been ages that I lost my legendary ability to concentrate on reading, but  the feeling of being safe and happy inside libraries has forever remained.

From this childhood experience, to government plans to dismiss librarians and to force people to volunteer in menaced libraries, there is an infinite distance. The terrible distance that gets bigger everyday between rights to education and budgets to fulfill them.

Comic books will save the world.

First class travel from the couch to Jerusalem with Guy Delisle. For some hours I visited and learned more about the city than I would if I did go there myself. As when Delisle chronicles took me to Piong Yang and to Birmania. Also, visual traveling over comic books is a personal weakness, and his lines are neat and smoothing. Speaking of “Chronicles”, avoid the movie. Superpowers are wasted in the less imaginative ways, and the main character doesn´t even know how to be bad.

I also asked in the comic shop for “that book with bunnies where a bunny commits suicide” and got The Book of Bunny Suicides. This one for my blood brother, who I am dedicating this post to. What´s wrong in reading a present?


53 squaremeters of mistery

Why I was not here? I moved. I have lived in the House of Mystery for a while. When I finished reading the 3 first comic books that Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges did of this classic anthology , Mr.53 got me the rest. Square treat. I don´t much enjoy writing critics of books, not to spoil the story. Because, what else could I tell you about their plots or their drawings that you can´t see with your eyes? These 2 guys make me want to spend my days in bed with them. When the art is made by Luca Rossi, Ross Campbell, Sean Murphy, Zachary Baldus, Steve Rolston, Jose Marzan, Jill Thompson or Sam Weber. I want them to keep on working so i can keep on living there.

Well, I hope this is enough excuse for breaking my new year resolution of drawing one hour a day, that I wrote in the clever greeting card I got from a designer friend. Just know that this post is dedicated to him, to Xavi, for still being there (ets gran, catalufos!).

Promised post has nothing to do with promised land

I promised to post a drawing today and so I will. This is what my damn scanner has made to it. I kind of like it though. Going to bed, you´ll see this tomorrow, if you STILL trust me, dear people.

Souvenirs from Verona

Verona is the city of the beautiful windows. Probably that is why, in the Middle Ages, it inspired the legend of a boy falling for a girl who used to lean out of a window (Romeo y Giulietta). You would fall for a Platypus if you saw him leaning out of those awesome openings. Also, there is not much more to do there. When those guys started hanging around Verona together, they had not the museums of Firenze, the street life from Roma, the food from Napoli or the glamorous shops of Milano. They got bored. From the moonlight balcony, she suggested him playing movie guessing. Still boring. He proposed her changing roles, asking her to be the climber while he would be the one in the window; spouting nonsense about fancying her the same if she would be a rose, a plane, a bird or Super Grove. Dull. Eventually they got married. And days went by. Not many days though, till these Veronese kids literally got bored to death. Later, Shakespeare, who was never in Italy, got it all wrong. He wrote that the two teens had killed themselves, when they faced a universal truth: the wrong combination of lovers’ backgrounds will usually fuck happy endings up. Thus, Shakespeare created the basis for Gothic literature based on the Gothic architecture of a romantic girl´s room window.

Next chapter: Of How Bill Gates visits Verona with her old auntie, comes up with an idea and he becomes filthy rich.

Wait, I brought something from Verona to draw. Not a window, not a Panetone, not one of those classy Romeo and Juliet souvenirs that change color in the sun, not a lover, not even a Platypus. I just brought a book that is keeping me hooked with all its rough yet funny connected stories, “Ti prendo e ti porto via” (I´ll steal you away). Verona booksellers are really good recommending lectures that will save you from boredom, which you will not have time to experience, if you only stay for a couple of days. In the end, Verona is just too beautiful too miss. Visit if you need to go windows-falling-in-love.

Fabulous Fables

“I like comics”, I said casually and, somehow, I left his party with a mountain of the best comics I had read. And I called back. Today things have not changed, from time to time I get homework to read by Mr. 53m2, like Fables. This fantastic collection by Bill Willingham, is most addictive for its stories, and the beautiful art of: Marc Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Jim Fern, Jimmy Palmiotti, Andrew Pepoy, Craig Hamilton, Craig Russell, Tony Akins and James Jean among other.

“I like islands”, I keep on saying now…


Fancy my illustrations? Write me! If interested in my original works, digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk! auscola@gmail.com

All that glitters is not gold.

D. 53m2 is very fond of reading history (and travel books, and comics). Among his books he´s got this Universal History encyclopedia, offered by another History lover. But, reading it  does not necessarily mean you are going to get the right knowledge. It was coordinated by Walter Getz, a guy from the Leipzig university in the early thirties, after the Weimar Republic, a time where Germany points of view were, well, you know how they were. Regarding Spain, it justifies the expelling of the jews in 1492 as the only way to create a big and modern nation. And if in google we trust, half a century ago people did trust encyclopaedias. This little jewel occupies one meter in the shelf. Still negotiating its place in the cave.