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J´ai acheté ces jolies boots Hakei, pour avoir l’air d’une rockeuse, pour sortir le soir et pour danser jusqu’au petit matin; pour partir bientôt en voyage dans Copenhague, ou je vais me promener pendant des jours; et pour passer des heures merveilleuses sur les aquarelles, et jouant avec photoshop en faisant des dessins!

Bienvenue, le rock, à ma vie!  Bienvenue, le pop, à mes cahiers!

Sign, Sing, Draw and Withdraw

signAnyone who can trace a signature with his name, can make a drawing. Also, as proof of my dyslexia my first drawing done on the thought, unconsciously determines how anyone who can sing, can draw too. I am convinced that people who can sing can do anything in the World!sing Stay happy.

Ring Industries

Marriage is the absolute certainty of loving someone in such a way you would spend your whole life together. Divorce is the guilt summit where you hike to in the case that absolute certainty ends up turning into an absolute uncertainty. Love is worth a marriage. Mental health is worth a legal way out of social roles. Honesty the only way for both. The only certain thing is that obsession to control relationships lead nowhere fun. But then a better chapter comes with second chances. Time to grow up?

Love is white

Love is defined for what it is not as, in subtractive color systems, white is defined by the absence of colors. Love is white. Love is the absence of red eyes, green jealousy, brown fights, yellow lies, orange fears, grey conversations, blue tears and black thoughts. Love is the void of badly coloured feelings. Love is white. And my scanner sucks.

Fancy my  illustrations? Write me! If interested in my original works, digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk! auscola@gmail.com

The game of memories

Memories are a tricky thing. Happy or sad, those facts they bring to mind might not have been objectively  happy or sad. Memories are little liars. It is advised not to stick to them, for a healthy living. But then, how to avoid collecting things that bring memories from the past? Like extending your childhood games, keep only what you feel right to keep. Starting with… games. Like this original super Nintendo Game & Watch from Mr 53. Games bring me funny memories as I never played them. Memories of a neighbour boy who had the big Donkey Kong and Space Invaders Arcade Machines at home; of Tetris, the only game I was ever happily addicted to; and memories of Doom, a game I only played for one week in 2003, with a scary iguana watching from my shoulder, spending time at a friend´s flat in Frankfurt, where my money and flight ticket had been stolen. That was my gameography.

What kind of objects bring you funny or nice memories? Pick them up. Make a pic, a drawing or write about it. Start the game.


Watching TV news you need to shift your gaze elsewhere from to time to time, to swallow the bit s of food from your dinner, trying to ignore the World you left out as you closed the door of your home, a World that shows all its pains in your screen. But it is impossible. The World rotates and revolve and you can´t stop it. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan I try not to shift my gaze down, but from time to time, in front of this catastrophe, I still prefer to look around. Useless. I see all the lovely and cool things we have from Japan. Books, illustrations, clothes, games, toys…Japanders rock. I listed the names of the brands and the people from Japan we admire. And then I googled them to check if there was any news. I immediately found this useful site.  It is a person finder. It is quick and you can give information if you have got it, or look for the ones you love http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/

We all hope Japan nightmare to end soon.

And as Forges (brilliant Spanish cartoonist) says everyday: “but don´t forget Haiti”.

To donate:  http://www.wikihow.com/Help-Earthquake-Victims-in-Japan

(from Spain)  http://www.readwriteweb.es/socialmedia/como-donar-japn/

To read some thoughts on donating only on emergencies this is an interesting post with interesting comments