Chelsea´s castle

I did this drawing today to dedicate it to Millie, Alex and Chelsea, for the fun, the sun and the warmth; the smiles; the guitar and piano music (what about playing a same song at a time….); Masterchef and Madmen; for the photo-storytelling, the unexpected roses and the poems about cañones; for my place on the couch and the general beauty of this castle. This Madrilian (or gata as they name us) is very happy to walk her eyes on these roofs. More drawings are to come, for sure.


Madrid city is a lovely one

Can´t believe this drawing took me a month to post. A month blocked with this blog. So after confirming that Madrid city is a fantastic city to live in, and introducing you to my teenager times bike, Labole, I´m off for a week, to energize myself and come back with lots of new drawings.


Got these punch pliers to do the binding of a giant book. As I wonder how is it possible we collect things so funny here, I decide to draw the pliers for this blog, before I start the book binding. While I draw, Borja calls. After an hour talking, I forget about the drawing. I was missing him very much, and I will miss him more, when he moves out of Spain. All of a sudden, I remember I need to write some content for a clients site. I spend 4 hours on that. For 2 of them, I just go peeping random social profiles, something I just can´t help, and watching fun sites. Back to contents, there is a long way to go yet. I need to do research for it. 3 more hours on the interwebs to find some new info I actually trust. And more checking on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumble. Argh. I then remember I want to post some drawings the kids did at the Museum. I spend half and hour on that. Back to the contents, I come up with an idea for a new project. I leave the computer and go for a walk to settle the idea, and to decide how to produce it. I start writing a new proposal in my mind, which I will need to actually write in the computer. The risk is I write many stories in my brain that I finally never write in my laptop, or on my sketchbooks. Fuck, what the hell? The day is over and I have not ended my pliers drawing yet! Back home, I end the drawing. I really feel these pliers look like a mysteryous two legged character. I think there must be a pair of nano-pliers in my brains, automatic ones, making holes in my determination as soon as I wake up everyday, feeling is going to be another long journey to procrastination.

How to get an open air gym for free.

– Aunt Amaya?
– Yes?
– Are you seriously picking that up?
– Seriously, yes. Stay here, I´ll bring my car.
– But aunt Amaya?
– Yes?
– What if the owner comes?
– Well, this is a park, I just see an Egyptian temple around, and an old stationary bike totally abandoned under the rain. So unless it belongs to the mummy in the temple, a more than probable option considering this BH model, I am picking it up with me.
– Your house is too small, where are you putting it?
– I am doing an open-air gym at the patio. So I can exercise for free and avoid visiting terrible big cans of sweat and muscles, designed by psychos who place mirrors everywhere, where I can´t help watching my beer belly at all times.
– But your neighbours will watch you training
– They will.
– You are weird
– And you a droopy drawers.
Once in the car
– Aunt Amaya, I think the bike is very cool. You know, I had a BH California.
– I had my first, my second and my third bike from BH.
– They rock. But I still don´t understand why the owner would leave it here.
– Some people think other people can reuse. See your grandfather, his country house is all about abandoned furniture, that he restored.
– Aunt Amaya, what I don´t get is WHY they did not sell those things on the Internet. I just exchanged my broken bike for a PSP.

So this is my 13 years old nephew Dani: naïf when it comes to finding and picking up cool abandoned stuff retro , smart when it comes to get an Internet deal.
He will rule the world.
I will keep on cycling in my new open air gym, where I am currently reading the original English text of Alice in Wonderland, every morning as I get up.
And the drawing is about the above story, and about Alicia getting smaller in time to my pedalling.

It  is a drawing for Dani.
Also because Dani is beta tester for Happy Thing, making lots of drawings for me whenever I need to test a workshop (hahaha, I´m evil). He recently decided to call his brothers and himself: “Happy Thing Studios”, because he believes whatever coming with the word “Studios” in it needs to end up in movie theatres screens being admired by everyone.

Bicicleta dreams.

I walk with a bicycle under my feet. The soles of my new Hudson boots have an engraving of a cute old-fashioned bicycle. And if I stand with those boots, on top of the road bicycle at 53m2, then I would be standing on 2 bicycles at a time. Three if I stand on both feet. I´ll try that on the weekend. Meanwhile, this city is impossible to ride, and work is 16km away on a highway. So many many thanks to Will for the bicycle, but I will have to leave it in the patio from monday to friday.  I will keep on walking with my boots, while at least I keep on having my bicicleta dreams.

Talking to motorbikes.

Some people do talk to plants when they are home alone. Considering that Mr 53m2 left for a month trip, leaving me alone and leaving his motorbike in the lounge, I decided to have a few conversations with her instead. Like, “Oh, shit, you are impossible to draw” or “Not again!, stop hitting me with the exhaust while I try to get out”. I know it is weird to keep a Kawasaki in the lounge, specially living in 53m2, but I like her and don´t mind. Some days I get driven to work by A and it´s fantastic, because it only takes 20 minutes instead of the hour and a half that takes me by tube. Today I told her it´s time for her to move on her own. She won´t listen. Motorbikes…


53 square meters of smoke

That is what comes out of a box of cigarettes. Enough to fill the house up and make it misty, and nasty. The reason why I do not smoke indoors, but only in the patio. Usually I smoke 6 a day: 3 at work, 3 at home. Today I might try to smoke the drawing. Will keep you posted on that.

Happy smokey friday.