who lives here?

Welcome to the place where things become lines: my virtual home, my casa.

No matter where I am actually geolocated, I draw objects around wherever I nest.

You will also find drawings not related to this “collecting” project, that I decided to store together, for cyberconvenience. These drawings belong to two other different illustration projects:

  • “Sketchbook archaeology”  (scans of my sketchbooks)
  • “Dibugenteando” (drawings of people, tagged under “Neighbours”)

My name is Amaya Uscola and I wish you enjoy the idea & the drawings.


auscola@gmail.com or look for @auscola on Skype .


“The Flying Heart” Ed. Blur. 2006.////

“I want to live somewhere else for a while”. Fanzine. 50 copies. 2002////

“30 maneras de trabajar en marketing” by Victor Molero. Ilustraciones Amaya Uscola. Ed. ESIC 1996///

Cowriter and cover illustrator for “Envases y tercera edad” (Packaging and the Elderly). Published by ESIC and Instituto Nacional del Consum (Generalitat Catalunya). Research directed by Cervera Fantoni  1995///

I was the illustrator for the magazine ESICPRESS from 1992 to 1995

Hey, I even was in some shows!

The Flying Heart, sponsored by Absolut Vodka at Visual. Madrid 2006.////

The Flying Heart in La noche en vivo. Festival Fémina. Madrid 2007////

The Flying Heart in La Buga del Lobo, Madrid 2007////

Uxplanet in PlotterArt Project, inside Paralel Acts of Design & Innovation at Viscom Sign 2007, Madrid////

Uxplanet & Dibugenteando, Galería Luis Gaspar, Madrid 2010///

Uxplanet in Exit Chapas. Viscom Sign 2011, Madrid///


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