Leap years


Everything fell down in february, a domestic apocalypse catapulted time to a newborn galaxy of thoughts for three years of lost meanings: from love to family, from work to status, from togetherness to loneliness, nothing meant nothing.

And yet another february, the past is gone, present prevails, Mr Gold was swallowed up by that old february hurricane and there she goes, Martha, and her two kids, with inexistent expectations, at a point in life where, finally, the Unknown just feels safer than anything she ever knew before.

Might be cause is not really february, but february the 29th.

Leap years are the best.

(Again, to read book critics, you better go to Goodreads, Inks on books is a project where I just draw on the books I read, and then write whatever for the post.)



Inks on books






Pop- Rock






botas 1


botas a lo warhol


J´ai acheté ces jolies boots Hakei, pour avoir l’air d’une rockeuse, pour sortir le soir et pour danser jusqu’au petit matin; pour partir bientôt en voyage dans Copenhague, ou je vais me promener pendant des jours; et pour passer des heures merveilleuses sur les aquarelles, et jouant avec photoshop en faisant des dessins!

Bienvenue, le rock, à ma vie!  Bienvenue, le pop, à mes cahiers!

The secret weapons

For the last two months, life has turned into a snake. A snake of broken promises, some unimportant, some really relevant, all of them getting glued together one day after another. Who cares. Well, that is the problem. Who cares.

Anyhow, other than feeling miserable, I care about my back. So I got me a superbeautifully designed chair, to spend days, and months, and the rest of my life safe,  working from home. But being pretty is not enough in life, so after three weeks looking at the lovely chair, while wondering if my eyes are really more important to me than my back,  I emailed my chiropractor a pic of the chair and was recommended to give it back.

Then I spent a week googling chairs, reading about chairs and almost going mad about ergonomic chairs being ugly as shit and expensive as riding Ferraris. Finally I found one of the top recommended chairs at a third of its price on ebay. So, I am happy as someone who is getting a hideous chair at home for a healthy back can be. Hope it really becomes a secret weapon to draw and write and stay all happy.

Speaking of secret weapons, Las Armas Secretas is the name of the book I just end up reading, by Julio Cortázar, so this is the new drawing made on it, for my series Inks on books!

I would write about the book if I did not really hate writing crits. Reminds me of school. So go and read it, you lazy people. No promises needed!


las armas secretas019


I finally made my first long distance holiday trip after autumn in Canada, back in 2012. Yay. On that occasion, I came back with so many sketches that I felt I should do the same again. But. I decided to take a holiday break for real. Meaning, just one drawing on arrival, and that´s all you get guys!

(non cleaning the scanned thing is part of it. ha!)