Pezbajas. SALE


Hello back,

for a long while,I have been busy exhibiting works from my new book Memorias de Pez, and also distributing the book itself. I found editorial works are a pretty romantic activity, lots of energy go to them, then it´s really hard to get books sold.

That is why I am so thankful to the almost 300 people who already bought my book its the first 3 months since its “birth”. And that is also why I have set an online shop, for those who want to buy online.

I can send books to Spain and Europe. Other countries fees for postal packages are so high, that I am afraid it is not worthy for you, the inhabitants of exotic far away lands. But, let me know if you want it. Also, let me know if you are a distributor interested in helping me with this tough task, so I can keep on drawing.

The benefits from this book, will go to the production of a new book I am already working on. So. Thanks again to the people who got my book.

If interested, this is the link to shop online. And I personally dedicate the book to you!




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