Silent saturday revolutions


Silent revolutions are happening in parks. While the masses occupy the streets, filling them up with uncontrolled noise, silent spirits stay in the parks. Promoting the most subversive activity on a pre-apocallyptic planet: silent spirits are having fun. Playing with toys, watching birds, smelling flowers, singing innocent songs. Being in true possession of their lives. They came here this saturday to start the unstoppable I-know-what-I-really-want-and-I-don´t-need-to-shout-out-loud-to-get-it revolution. They want…

– Oh! yes, hello barman, I want an orange juice, bread with jamón and a latte. Please.

(Parque Diem!)

Une histoire joyeuse



Got this movie as a present. Liked it a lot (the present and the movie). Did this drawing. Scanned it badly. Forgot to upload it. Just remembered it. Too tired to review the story now. Not that tired to update my blog now. What a silly mess for a friday night. Off to celebrate I´m sort of on holidays by sleeping like a sheep. I love getting presents. Thank you.

Sunsets zillionaire

img242I am a sunsets zillionaire.
And got antennae in my veins.
What else?
Ah yes, just some pics I did on it these late months, for my Instagram:



My feet met Rosa´s ones learning Italian and sailing in Sardinia; then they walked along together in London parks; danced in Milano parties and now they make Sunday plans to relax and sunbathe in the pretty city of Barcelona. Feet are hard to draw. So is people in the beach, they can´t stop moving and I hate them for that. People should pose for me all the time. Now you know.
Back to our feet swimming masterplan today, which included leaving phones at home. I can´t afford losing more devices for the next decade.
Rosa was so happy I had no phone with me, so I wouldn´t spend the day uploading pics to my Instagram with the phone camera. As soon as she mentioned it, her voice froze noticing we had been unexpectledly spotted and filmed by two huge cameras for the local tv.
At least our friend feet got their fifteen minutes of glory.
And so did our boobs.
This post is for Rosa.