De-stressing in distress

Cool day speedy walking by the sea, with a Catalan best friend who can multitask and tell stories of Barcelona, while we seemed to be walking our ways out of that city.
I am exhausted.

Then she took me to the hippy Sundays thing to do, which was good for a change to the Madrilian hipster Sundays thing to do. We explored Ciutatella park and I could feel my narrow-mindedness in all its glory, just to blame myself, instead of saying that what I saw was a zillion people literally narrowing my body with theirs, while I waited my friend who went on for shiatsu at a stall.

I had a very stressful half an hour where i grabbed my pencils trying to focus on something nice. But while i drawed people hit me, stepped on me, pushed and pulled and gave me complimentary punk massages, never required. I feel jealous of how people can relax so easily in these places.
Maybe relaxing in public should start being a subject to teach at schools.
As for the rest of the day, I really relaxed by laughing with my friend.
I am so loving Barcelona.