Illustration commission for Club de Creativos

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A digital campaign by Pepa Rojo and Ricardo Llavador for Club de Creativos de España.
Aimed to get memorable subscriptions for the awards to be published at Spanish Creativity Annual Book.
The idea was a digital generator o case hs¡istories with campaigns, where all you had to do is select the product, the music and the preset cliché like taglines to be included in the stills.
After selection, the site generated a case history with random images and music, proving that case histories can be tough, and what matters in the end, is just the idea.
The site linked to the official subscriptions site of Club de Creativos.
Production was made by TAIKO
I did the handdrawn illustrations, for a postdigital feeling , working mainly on a steampunk style machine, with elements taken from Industrial revolution machine, inserting hi tech well recognized symbols, as a wink to present times.
Also worked on hand-drawn calligraphy for the stills.