– This is Heather, and she is going to work here.
– But she speaks English!

I was prejudicial to Heather (English for Jeder ) working at an Spanish agency, due to our business conventions. Wrong conventions to keep at a time we had really stopped to write copy to become more visual thinkers. We had never questioned yet the real value of this question:
A copywriter whose mother tongue is not ours?

We teamed up for the practicals, so I could help translate her concepts, and then, I much preferred She wouldn’ t speak my language, so anyone could discover she was a far better copywriter than any of us!

That is how Heather Hnatiuk, then Vincent (read her version ), became one of my favourite people on Earth. Because of admiration, and good laughs.
Now i am visiting, and happy to wake up watching squirrels in my window, and finding this superb breakfast set for me.