Got these punch pliers to do the binding of a giant book. As I wonder how is it possible we collect things so funny here, I decide to draw the pliers for this blog, before I start the book binding. While I draw, Borja calls. After an hour talking, I forget about the drawing. I was missing him very much, and I will miss him more, when he moves out of Spain. All of a sudden, I remember I need to write some content for a clients site. I spend 4 hours on that. For 2 of them, I just go peeping random social profiles, something I just can´t help, and watching fun sites. Back to contents, there is a long way to go yet. I need to do research for it. 3 more hours on the interwebs to find some new info I actually trust. And more checking on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumble. Argh. I then remember I want to post some drawings the kids did at the Museum. I spend half and hour on that. Back to the contents, I come up with an idea for a new project. I leave the computer and go for a walk to settle the idea, and to decide how to produce it. I start writing a new proposal in my mind, which I will need to actually write in the computer. The risk is I write many stories in my brain that I finally never write in my laptop, or on my sketchbooks. Fuck, what the hell? The day is over and I have not ended my pliers drawing yet! Back home, I end the drawing. I really feel these pliers look like a mysteryous two legged character. I think there must be a pair of nano-pliers in my brains, automatic ones, making holes in my determination as soon as I wake up everyday, feeling is going to be another long journey to procrastination.