Got these punch pliers to do the binding of a giant book. As I wonder how is it possible we collect things so funny here, I decide to draw the pliers for this blog, before I start the book binding. While I draw, Borja calls. After an hour talking, I forget about the drawing. I was missing him very much, and I will miss him more, when he moves out of Spain. All of a sudden, I remember I need to write some content for a clients site. I spend 4 hours on that. For 2 of them, I just go peeping random social profiles, something I just can´t help, and watching fun sites. Back to contents, there is a long way to go yet. I need to do research for it. 3 more hours on the interwebs to find some new info I actually trust. And more checking on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumble. Argh. I then remember I want to post some drawings the kids did at the Museum. I spend half and hour on that. Back to the contents, I come up with an idea for a new project. I leave the computer and go for a walk to settle the idea, and to decide how to produce it. I start writing a new proposal in my mind, which I will need to actually write in the computer. The risk is I write many stories in my brain that I finally never write in my laptop, or on my sketchbooks. Fuck, what the hell? The day is over and I have not ended my pliers drawing yet! Back home, I end the drawing. I really feel these pliers look like a mysteryous two legged character. I think there must be a pair of nano-pliers in my brains, automatic ones, making holes in my determination as soon as I wake up everyday, feeling is going to be another long journey to procrastination.

Superbum 3D. Return of Superculete

Rainy bank holidays, when you are the only one who work, are designed to be ended watching a movie of superheroes. I chose The Avengers 3D,  at a huge commercial movie theatre in a mall. Just to get into the mood…

Once there,  my unmoved lack of critical skills decided I want to watch sll the four movies on the trailers: Ice Age 4; Prometheus; Men in Black 3 and Amazing Spider Man. The intensity of thoughts we are expected to have today, makes me prefer to go easy,  locking myself in commercial movie theaters, with nothing else to do but thinking silly stuff.

And so I did this evening, first, thinking I would like to wear Ironman suit, although my style of fight is more… “Hulky” . I don´t want to be Captain America neither Thor, but a toast to the one who did the casting. Captain America brief for the cast probably was: “look for another Jon Hamm to be properly retrostyled“. Unfortunately, the Captain is not like Hamm-Jamón. If there is even a possibility for someone to be.

In the end, after thinking of this and that, I confessed to myself that, if I ever decide to change my routine of asking the World to save me by doing right the opposite, thus becoming a Superhero, I just want a Superass in 3D. Like Scarlett. It is not fair  having just the cellulite. I do want that shape.  By magic. Or I won´t save the World.