Libre libraries

Got me the latest novel from Almudena Grandes.  The story is been told a million times, a boy´s life in post Spanish war times. But she can really write, and that is what matters. Although I got the book because of the title: El lector de Julio Verne (The Reader of Jules Verne). Just his name takes me back to childhood evenings at a children public library, daily refugee after school for someone who never enjoyed home. Pilar, the librarian, ended up being considered as a friend in my planet, for allowing me to sit close to her behind the desk, a barricade to stay reading my favourite things, and do the book-stamping for other children. I felt important and safe. Unfortunately, it´s been ages that I lost my legendary ability to concentrate on reading, but  the feeling of being safe and happy inside libraries has forever remained.

From this childhood experience, to government plans to dismiss librarians and to force people to volunteer in menaced libraries, there is an infinite distance. The terrible distance that gets bigger everyday between rights to education and budgets to fulfill them.