Rosa Rosae


From here to here, there is something in fake flowers that attracts me like glitter to magpies. That´s why I got me this bunch of pink kitsch roses. Roses. Rosa Rosae. My absolute favourite flower, since I learned The Nightingale and the Petit Prince had both lived for them, not for that huge silly white mulberry we had in school to feed even sillier silk worms, that never lived more than a week. Who was I to choose a less romantic flower than some of my heroes had?

Yet, for decoration, I just like combining the roses symbolism with the silk and plastic cheerful superficiality. For the smell, I sometimes get me no matter what cosmetic product, as long as I really love its packaging, and is rose scented. For symbolism, I dry every rose I am ever offered, and I won´t say that I would even go as far as to bury them in special places, not to look what I really am…. Hey, just a fan of Oscar Wilde.  For further confessions, please send donations.