A poisoned gift.


Got this sketchbook. What initially looked like a super cool silicon sketchbook from Mark´s Tokyo Edge for my collection, turned to be a personal commission which will poison my free time making me work EVEN harder. mmm.  Suspicious of a death squad? Nope. It came from the least toxic man I know: Mr 53.

Must fill it up by doing a drawing or more a day, using only these poisoned with inspiration felt-tip pens, part of the gift. The pens mandatory is interesting, because I am not specially skilled using them, so here there is a chance to experiment colouring. I have decided to keep on drawing the objects we keep in Casa53, to be consistent with this blog project. Only when I finish and deliver this sketchbook back, with an extra dose of art, will I get the antidote to exhaustion. Please please, make it sweet.