Cat Commuting

ImageHave already tried 4 combinations to get to the client where I´m daily coming for an in house gig. Tube+Walk/ Tube + Train +  Tube / Tube + Bus/ Tube + Tramway. It never takes less than 1 hour. But I don´t want to use the car. I hate traffic jams and polluted skies. Wish I could try giant cats, for something a bit more fun.

 The curse

ImageAs mentioned yesterday, the professional commuter cannot be called Commuter Pro if he or she does not curse their boss. This lady line was: “I shit on whatever can be shitted!”. Classy.


Dibugenteando. Again.

Today I needed to work at a client´s office, in the far far away kingdom. So far, that I had time to draw a lot in the Metro. I hate driving in morning traffic jams, but love drawing in the underground. My current freelance gig will last one month. One month commuting is worth working on a second series for my project DIBUGENTEANDO (a play with words I use for people-drawing) Here go today sketches. I love drawing people. Fascinating faces.

The unknown


The game for me here at Casa53, is drawing the objects around the house, associating personal experiences and thoughts to them.

Today, I found this ermmm……


Fancy my  illustrations? Write me! If interested in my original works, digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk!

Plastic. Tic. Toc

Some colourful plastic objects I own are visually linked to small cozy cafés and bars in remote villages, with amazing nature around, no matter the continent. They make me time travel to adventures in the past.

Today I only real-time travelled to the Chino shop next door, here in Madrid, but found this white plastic bottle. Big cheap Chinese shops provide small cheap doses of exotism. Although most of their items should have been banned from production lines, under capital punishment, this bottle is a nice example of hand-crafted looking design made with plastic. I drink water from plastic. Tic. Toc. Time travelling to a place I have never been to. Toc. Tic.

For the serious plastic art, here goes my favourite reference: Choi Jeonghwa

Never half measures

ImageFrench dinner, the bottle is very empty and we are very full. And so we came to the end of half empty or half full discussion. I also feel Hic! fully Hic! optimistic now. Hic Hic Hooray!