The Flying Churros Mug

(Cyber conversation Madrid – London)


Did you know that, there in London, getting frozen Churros home delivered is more expensive than a flight to enjoy them fresh, here in Madrid?


I choose flying for churros. What should I bring?


A coffee mug. A Flying Churros Mug.

And that is how one day a beautiful hand crafted mug fled to Madrid for a Vix & Ux & Churrox breakfaxt. But in the plane, the lovely mug got an unusual Buzz Lightyear complex. Then it happened that, as soon as Madrilenian breakfast was set, the lovely mug decided to take off again and by her own means, this time from Ux hands, to infinity and beyond.

Poor flying mug, she crash-landed right between “infinity” and “beyond”, before meeting any proper churro.

The end.


For every flying mug, there is a super glue.

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