Big Bad Wolfs, I like them raw

Once upon a time, I was in day 2 of a home handiwork personal challenge, when the time for the orbital sander came. This is one of the objects that made me start drawing all that fits in a 53squaremeters home. How comes we keep an orbital sander in such a small place?


Twice upon a time. A sander is a wonder to use after plastering and before painting. If only I had the dust container, on top of having the adapter. Hold it! Maybe that dust extractor adapter can go to the vacuüm cleaner pipe? I don´t get it. Anyhow, it blows all the sand away. Which makes you think of my sander fixing a brick wall as one of the 3 little pigs, huffing and puffing himself to avoid the Big Bad Wolf coming to blow the house in.

It´s the Little Sander versus the Big Bad Wolf.

From there, I came up with the illustration. No doubt I am becoming the busy little one. The one who does as mum says:

“The way to get along in the world, is to do things as well as you can!”.

I can´t believe I just said that.

But if the little sander wins, because I might be really doing things well for once (upon a time), somehow I would end up getting the Wolf in the kettle…So. Can anyone please send a good Big Bad Wolf recipe ?


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