Let´s spread hippyness

It´s too late but I could not post this drawing before. Why?

I am testing myself by plastering, fixing cracks, and painting walls for 3 days time, instead of working in global, megasmart, supertop, or whatever adjective you can imagine I would give to my copywriting work projects in a public blog. I compared budgets for my job and for home repairs. And just know this plastering thing could be an option to leaving the country (recession is very motivating for skills improving).

  • After plastering, I went brave enough to try concrete mixing for another task.  And I rock. I fixed the cellar, woo oh! Well. Cellar is a hole about 80×30 centimeters where a 10 bottle rack was inserted in a such a delicate way the wall was very broken. Gago, that rack was your present, its corner is looking better now, and this drawing is for you (Por fin!). Well, once fixed the “cellar”, wet concrete was too tempting not to draw on it. So I had a bit of fun.
  • Wet concrete feels like clay, try moulding it on the wall with gloves on, it can be very relaxing. Then back to the flat. No shoddy pieces of work.
  • Mixing up fast-setting concrete in small amounts is like mixing up the ingredients of those kits for getting american style cupcakes.

And that´s what I said my neighbour I was doing in the backyard, stirring something in a bowl at the only sunny area there was. And she mentioned I seem to be a very hippy woman.