A pressure cooker is the hare, and a crockpot, the turtle

One day you get home and find your kitchen invaded by a giant pot. “What´s this?” -“Oh! it is a crockpot!”- “And what do we need this for?”. One hour of enthusiastic explanations later, you can just conclude that it is a hypertrophied pot that takes a minimum of 5 hours to cook whatever you want to.

At this point there is no more doubting. I am being gaslighted. I believe life is all about pressure cookers and microwaves providing me with instant rich and warm meals. Now I have to spend hours listening why I do need a giant pot in a 53squaremeters place, and remember programming hours before being hungry. Which is impossible as I am always hungry. As our friend Nacho puts it: “Amaya, you just don´t get it. Your love life is not about honey-what-are-we-having-for-dinner, but honey-what-are-we-having-for-dinner-on-wednesday?”.

As a temporary solution to my lack of patience for cooking, Mr 53 got me a mini-cocotte to start practising with the baby concept of taking care for food. It´s all the same, you also need to think what to put into it. And now I am only even more convinced that my stomach is the best pot for raw ingredients.


2 thoughts on “A pressure cooker is the hare, and a crockpot, the turtle

  1. Amaya, not all it’s about speed and easyness. I can think of thousands of meals to cook on that pot. And it’s not only about cooking is about going shopping, asking and talking to different people and then enjoying realizing yourself with a cup of win in your right hand


  2. What? Talking to strangers and buying what they say? I rather do the wine tasting.

    Santi, I am the one who does the dishwashing. And I love people who can really cook and enjoy the process. I am just 100% useless at the market. Come to Domingastros and try the pots when you like.


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