How to get an open air gym for free.

– Aunt Amaya?
– Yes?
– Are you seriously picking that up?
– Seriously, yes. Stay here, I´ll bring my car.
– But aunt Amaya?
– Yes?
– What if the owner comes?
– Well, this is a park, I just see an Egyptian temple around, and an old stationary bike totally abandoned under the rain. So unless it belongs to the mummy in the temple, a more than probable option considering this BH model, I am picking it up with me.
– Your house is too small, where are you putting it?
– I am doing an open-air gym at the patio. So I can exercise for free and avoid visiting terrible big cans of sweat and muscles, designed by psychos who place mirrors everywhere, where I can´t help watching my beer belly at all times.
– But your neighbours will watch you training
– They will.
– You are weird
– And you a droopy drawers.
Once in the car
– Aunt Amaya, I think the bike is very cool. You know, I had a BH California.
– I had my first, my second and my third bike from BH.
– They rock. But I still don´t understand why the owner would leave it here.
– Some people think other people can reuse. See your grandfather, his country house is all about abandoned furniture, that he restored.
– Aunt Amaya, what I don´t get is WHY they did not sell those things on the Internet. I just exchanged my broken bike for a PSP.

So this is my 13 years old nephew Dani: naïf when it comes to finding and picking up cool abandoned stuff retro , smart when it comes to get an Internet deal.
He will rule the world.
I will keep on cycling in my new open air gym, where I am currently reading the original English text of Alice in Wonderland, every morning as I get up.
And the drawing is about the above story, and about Alicia getting smaller in time to my pedalling.

It  is a drawing for Dani.
Also because Dani is beta tester for Happy Thing, making lots of drawings for me whenever I need to test a workshop (hahaha, I´m evil). He recently decided to call his brothers and himself: “Happy Thing Studios”, because he believes whatever coming with the word “Studios” in it needs to end up in movie theatres screens being admired by everyone.


4 thoughts on “How to get an open air gym for free.

  1. Como es la tía, y como es el sobrino … Mola el gimnasio al aire libre, pero la próxima ves que vayamos a tu casa le ponemos un par de ruedas. El problema es que igual la Bole se pone celosa y ya tenemos lío !!


  2. JAJAJA Me encantaría ponerle un par de ruedas. O la subimos al coche y me lleváis al kilimanjaro en un remolque mientras yo hago ejercicio.
    Ahrao que has dicho eso, me he acordado de uno de mis primeros anuncios cuando empecé en publicidad en el 98!!! Ya te lo enseñaré


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