Personal reminder

This is a pencil, and it´s mine.I think that entitles me to use it everyday.

It is late in the evening, I am playing SIM Social. I am playing SIM Social because I can´t sleep. I can´t sleep because I had some beers. I had some beers because months ago I met Iván and he told me about him joining Dibujo a domicilio. Drawings home delivered. They come home, you pose, they draw, like you are the queen sorrounded by your court painters. He told me about this awesome group of artists, and I inmediatly asked to volunteer as a model for them at 53 squaremeters. But the list was huge and it was not possible. So I forgot about it. Till they suddenly wrote me about it and we agreed on them coming today.

I will tell you more about them soon, as I have a deadline in 7 hours, and need to sleep my beer dose. But I couldn´t stop thinking how beautifully they draw; how wonderful did I feel with them, even if posing in my insecurity was all a challenge, and even if i just gave them 5 poses and too much giggling. Also a girl came to write a note, Manuela, and she really behaved not jumping over the wine (they even brought wine!) and the cheese while the guys were drawing. And I just decided to quickly draw and post this personal reminder to myself before I go back to sleep and wake up in Adland again. To remind myself that I do also have beautiful pencils, and it is all a matter of USING them. They belong to me. I am their master!

I promise to post Daniela, Ron and Iván drawings in my blog as soon as I get them. They use pencils as laser sabres. I feel so special now. Good night.