Wanna get extra Z power??? True story!

Excessive daytime sleepiness is a disorder I suffered for a week. Because I suffer from many disorders: one per week. I am a proud true lover of self diagnoses by stumbling upon them. And got really professional at it. Like last week, I suffered from this sleepiness. Then, today I found this package of decaf coffee in the fridge. Open. Apparently Mr.53  has been making me decaf coffee in the mornings for a week. Not his fault, it´s me who got it at my shop for white brands.To have some decaf at home. But Mr 53 takes no coffee at all, and inferred that I wanted to go decaf. ME! And so the charming prince brewed his sleeping beauty coffee with no coffee for a week. Yes, I am lazy and get my coffee done in the mornings. Yes, I rock. And sleep like a rock. Since I got my extra Z power.

The cure for my many diseases usually come by Mr53 ignoring my efforts to convince him that I really, really but, hey, I mean really, could die from napping too often or from having that last drink on a friday night. For example, I once called him years ago, cause I believed to have found a melanoma on my skin. It happened to be a cigarette burn from the previous crazy night. But before I remembered the how, I even sent a pic of it to Mr 53, to make him feel superworried for me, which, frankly, he never does. Mmmm. Another time I called him cause I believed I suffered pancreatitis, one morning I got an intense pain in my abdomen. Home alone, my  diagnoses was that I had reached the age of 36 having consumed my lifetime alcohol share. It was not pancreatitis, but I had a parasitic infection in my stomach. Mr 53 never came to visit, as he already knew I would no die that time either. He is lucky I came back to live with him. He skipped the phone calls bit and kind of got a VIP pass to watch my multiple i-am-going-to-die moods unplugged on stage 1 (bed) while he watches the races on stage 2 (the couch). Welcome to Hypocondrestival!

Doctor said I was too hypochondriac when I was 6, and I left the place convinced that the word hypocondriac meant some serious illness and that was the end for little child Amaya. Seriously, I don´t want to die. Not without my coffee.