How to peel an artichoke heart

Lemons are a substitute for plants and flowers in 53m2 kitchenette. Little light in here would kill flowers, so, first: lemons last longer than yellow roses.

Second: you can juice them, while only Chanel really knows how to juice a yellow flower.

Third: Lemons, like flowers, might also have a romantic meaning. A lemon-love could be the kind of love that makes you feel insecure, jealous, irrational, unsafe and sad. I am not talking of a lemon-person, those bitterish beings. Falling for those would probably lead to amoeba-loves. I mean a lemon love as a concept, like those doomed, born dead and romantically tragic loves.

Fourth: Lemon love after lemon love, one goes putting layers on the heart, ending with an artichoke heart.

Fifth: artichoke flowers are also a great decorating option where no light kills other flowers.

Sixth: with an artichoke heart it is harder to really fall for someone, the many layers act as a repellent, romantic breakdowns repeat themselves and lemon love gets recurrent.

Seventh: peeling artichokes might be a pain, but in the end they say those are delicious hearts.

Eighth: never send lemons to peel a girl´s artichoke heart. Send them yellow roses. Or better, send Chanel nº 5.

Ninth: I don´t have a clue on how to peel a boy´s artichoke heart.

Tenth: Somehow I need a gin tonic now.



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