Watching TV news you need to shift your gaze elsewhere from to time to time, to swallow the bit s of food from your dinner, trying to ignore the World you left out as you closed the door of your home, a World that shows all its pains in your screen. But it is impossible. The World rotates and revolve and you can´t stop it. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan I try not to shift my gaze down, but from time to time, in front of this catastrophe, I still prefer to look around. Useless. I see all the lovely and cool things we have from Japan. Books, illustrations, clothes, games, toys…Japanders rock. I listed the names of the brands and the people from Japan we admire. And then I googled them to check if there was any news. I immediately found this useful site.  It is a person finder. It is quick and you can give information if you have got it, or look for the ones you love http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/

We all hope Japan nightmare to end soon.

And as Forges (brilliant Spanish cartoonist) says everyday: “but don´t forget Haiti”.

To donate:  http://www.wikihow.com/Help-Earthquake-Victims-in-Japan

(from Spain)  http://www.readwriteweb.es/socialmedia/como-donar-japn/

To read some thoughts on donating only on emergencies this is an interesting post with interesting comments


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