Paracelamol con 500

Is there a doctor in the blog? I want to ask: why when you are younger you drink more white wine, but when you are older you drink more paracetamol?. Can it be used as a less corny metaphor than the metaphor of the summer and winter of your life? Like, in the summer you drink wine and in the winter you drink paracetamol, therefore youth is wine and old is…And why after drinking wine you get more chances to use a condom but after drinking paracetamol you only get chances to use more paracetamol? And why condoms and paracetamol come packed in the same shape? And why when you get older you find yourself keeping paracetamol into your wallet instead of  keeping a condom? Or is it just the winter time? Am I snowballing with this? Sure, I am snowballing, that must be winter time. Ok. Stop. Just another finding I did: in Spanish, if you change a “t” for an “l” you get “Paracelamol 500”, which sounds like  “To make love with 500” said all together with an slang accent. Weird.

Cupid´s drills

If Cupid tried his bow on you using arrows with love words, intellectual kinship and wanton passion but still it all ended up in oblivion, maybe you should ask him to use a drill. Mingling with handymen/women may lead you to turn them up  into the true object of your devotion.

Happy New Pastanaga

Happy New Year to the 3 of you who still visit this blog, and a Nobel prize to the guy who invented holidays, best winter treat if you can´t hibernate (sleeping 14 hours on Saturday doesn´t count). My first 2011 drawing illustrates the most original card I got. “La pastanaga 2011” (Catalan for carrot), from  Xavi Clavijo, a super good designer, art director and friend. The carrot symbolizes resolutions: you write yours inside and hang it in a visible place to keep you going. My resolution is drawing one hour a day. Check the original card design in his blog: xclavijo

Getting cool things like that is the result of blind dating advertising art directors to team up. London headhunters coupled you to make sure you worked well with your team, before interviewing with ad shops. It was funny but fun. You found yourself inexplicably coming up with ideas with people you just met, working on scam ads, etc… And if the other one run off with a new copywriter you would never feel cheated. Xavi and I met like that in 2002. Being both Spanish, we were supposedly having more chances to team up well. But as good Spaniards, we spent more time having beers, while fighting on whatever, like on the rightness of nationalism. I know Xavi would prefer me to say he is Catalan. Sorry amic, you will have to stomach this, but I won´t. Ja!