Souvenirs from Verona

Verona is the city of the beautiful windows. Probably that is why, in the Middle Ages, it inspired the legend of a boy falling for a girl who used to lean out of a window (Romeo y Giulietta). You would fall for a Platypus if you saw him leaning out of those awesome openings. Also, there is not much more to do there. When those guys started hanging around Verona together, they had not the museums of Firenze, the street life from Roma, the food from Napoli or the glamorous shops of Milano. They got bored. From the moonlight balcony, she suggested him playing movie guessing. Still boring. He proposed her changing roles, asking her to be the climber while he would be the one in the window; spouting nonsense about fancying her the same if she would be a rose, a plane, a bird or Super Grove. Dull. Eventually they got married. And days went by. Not many days though, till these Veronese kids literally got bored to death. Later, Shakespeare, who was never in Italy, got it all wrong. He wrote that the two teens had killed themselves, when they faced a universal truth: the wrong combination of lovers’ backgrounds will usually fuck happy endings up. Thus, Shakespeare created the basis for Gothic literature based on the Gothic architecture of a romantic girl´s room window.

Next chapter: Of How Bill Gates visits Verona with her old auntie, comes up with an idea and he becomes filthy rich.

Wait, I brought something from Verona to draw. Not a window, not a Panetone, not one of those classy Romeo and Juliet souvenirs that change color in the sun, not a lover, not even a Platypus. I just brought a book that is keeping me hooked with all its rough yet funny connected stories, “Ti prendo e ti porto via” (I´ll steal you away). Verona booksellers are really good recommending lectures that will save you from boredom, which you will not have time to experience, if you only stay for a couple of days. In the end, Verona is just too beautiful too miss. Visit if you need to go windows-falling-in-love.