Let it foam

Which came first at 53m2 , the chicken or the egg?  The sometimes useful cream whipper with a Nitrous Oxide dispenser to make culinary foams came before the basic microwaves. Mr 53m2 is a sophisticated chef. What I am posting next has nothing to do with my drawing of Christmas foam or sophisticated chefs. But I found in Grasscity a post so funny about nitrous oxide that I want to share. Not that it is the reason why the Nitrous Oxide dispenser came first here…

As written in Grasscity by Sultan of Swing:

Nitrous oxide is so good

Nitrous oxide (n2o) is a must have in every home. It’s legal to buy and possess and it’s hella cheap. It’s also highly addictive psychologically because it’s so fucking fun. (They don’t call it hippy crack for nothing.) You can buy it from a headshop, porn store or online (creamright, ebay, etc). Ask for ‘whipped cream chargers.’ You don’t need a cracker. You can get a regular whipped cream dispenser.

The gas itself is relatively harmless. Most problems arise from carelessness. With that being said, let me mention what might cause harm. DO NOT inhale directly out of the tank or canister.

The gas coming out of the canister is pressurized and VERY cold. The pressure can collapse your lungs and the intensely cold gas can cause frost bite to your hands, lips, mouth, vocal cords (!!!), throat and lungs. Not cool.

This is easy to avoid. You have to put the gas in a balloon so it’ll warm up first. This takes only a few seconds and should _always_ be done. Remember, never inhale directly from the cracker or n2o tank.

You might pass out. N2O displaces oxygen in the blood, which means you might pass out if you use a lot in a short period of time.

You won’t pass out unless you continously take hits with no oxygen in between. However, you should ALWAYS be sitting down when taking hits, so just in case you do pass out, you won’t fall, breaking your face on the edge of a table or the sink.

Most deaths from N2O occurred from suffocation. What usually happens is somebody is taking hits from a big bag, and they pass out with the bag landing over their head. They get no oxygen and suffocate. Other deaths were the result of using a gas mask. Same mechanism as above.

Solution? Always use a balloon and don’t do it standing up. Prepare for passing out, even though if you’re careful that won’t happen. Also, if you do pass out, you’ll regain consciousness in a minute or two, so don’t panic. Just make sure you don’t pass out and hit your head.

N2O does not kill brain cells, but lack of oxygen for long periods does. Solution? Take air in between each hit.

Here’s a summary:
Always put the n2o in a balloon so that it’s not pressurized and there is no chance of frost bite.

Don’t do it standing up because you might pass out and hit your head.

Take air in between each hit to avoid passing out.

Warning: Don’t use auto-grade nitrous oxide (the ones they sell for cars).
Also, NITRIC OXIDE is toxic. You want food-grade NITROUS OXIDE.

Then I researched about buying dispensers in porn shops and i don´t know if this post is even more funny than the post above.  Personally  I recommend you Mr 53m2 technique: he prepares his culinary foams following Ferrá Adriá recipes. Best sensations.

This was it. I let you thinking about a happy happy foamy Christmas for the next 5 days. Off to Verona. Will bring Panettone to make a yummy drawing for you. Happy puente de diciembre.