13.30  I woke up. 13.35 switched the iPod deck on  – 13.40 had coffee and read the paper – 14.30 got a shower, got dressed – 14.50 smoked a cigarette – 15.00 cooked a chicken curry – 15.30 ate leftover lentils – 16.15 grabbed this collection of watches from Mr 53m2 – 16.20 I realized I never wear a watch. Started putting watches in place – 16.30 I realized they are all quite classical, not a digital Cassio here eg. Well, the Star Wars Lego one will do for the hip bit – 16.35 started to draw – 17.00 another cigarette – 18.00 and another one – 19.00 and one more – 20. 00 yep. one more cigarette. had two drawings by then. this one, and the one I´ll post tomorrow – 20.30 had sex…time off – 22.00 scanned the drawings – 22.30 set the table. had the curry – 22.45 i am writing this. That was my day. I enjoyed every minute of it. No watches needed. I lived it in the present.



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