Till love will keep you together.

We are friends, we are lovers, we are partners and… we are divorced. Life teared us apart, not death. In fact, death made us feel closer than ever one day we went into a comic store. Death á la Tim Burton. We were never one of those couples that dresses in the same colours, wears the same watch and so on. Even our rings were different. I actually never put mine on. That day, we both spotted this amazing “Nightmare before Christmas” t-shirt, with big stitches on one sleeve (like Sally´s arms), beautiful screen print, and best of all, a coffin-shaped packaging. We fell for it. We bought two of them. I used the coffin for pencils, Mr 53m2 took his with him when we split. And now that life has put us together again, I smile when I see his little coffin on the shelf. Mine is not here, is with my things, peacefully resting somewhere else. But I am here. And this time I wish we stay together till death tear us apart.