You probably also have a beach wrap somewhere.

Are you the kind of person who wears jeans for everything? Well, he is not. Mr 53m2 is the type of guy who has specific trousers for work; go out; work with a hangover; hike in the summer; climb; climb on ice; ski; backcountry ski; dive in cold waters; dive in warm waters; run; skate; sleep; ride the motorbike; ride the motorbike under the rain (those 3 rainy days we have in Madrid) or do business. I decided to draw the trousers but couldn´t fit all of them. Funnily enough once at home he prefers an Indonesian beach wrap.

Speaking of Indonesia, include this sites in your daily clicking euphoria: “Hope“, “Indonesia headline“, “Indonesia charities”, or google for more.

First things first.

If these walls could talk, they would mock me. Because I do something very funny when I get dressed: I start by picking up the socks I will wear first. And immediately after, I get blocked, normally not knowing what will match best with my choice.

Here´s a little collection of my socks. If I think of a description: I like them cute. And I love japanese socks. My favourite brand is Tabio, which I discovered in 2002 at Harvey Nichols. You can also discover it, and think of me first when it´s time for Christmas presents!


Beers are on the house. And in the house

All I  could think back from Frankfurt with 2 hours delay, is cooking proper food at home. But Mr 53m2 had decided to get a kick out of the fridge filling it up with 3 dozens of Swiss beers. I would have preferred to find a different beverage, like gazpacho. Or simply food. But to honor the truth, Mr 53m2 managed to prepare some tapas for me not to get too mad. Cause I get mad without food. So I had my tapas with beer while remembering with a smile that, since I have known him, there is only one thing he can´t pass without. And i am not talking about me.


The story so far

London was the place to go for a change, mainly because it´s easier there to find convenient sketchbooks to spend time doodling around and doing little else, without getting tired of it. When the “drawing thing-living there” became serious, I put too much energy on getting what I wanted quick, and ended up out of battery. End of drawings. Back to Spain, food made it for the physical recovery and a new day job made it for the money worries but, at heart, I still feel tired as an old woman. 53m2 has turned into my sanctuary to rest, and rest, and rest a bit more in the weekends. Watching the turtles, cooking,  sleeping, drawing. And of all the things I decided to draw in here, yesterday I found three different battery chargers. What a perfect metaphor.


Fabulous Fables

“I like comics”, I said casually and, somehow, I left his party with a mountain of the best comics I had read. And I called back. Today things have not changed, from time to time I get homework to read by Mr. 53m2, like Fables. This fantastic collection by Bill Willingham, is most addictive for its stories, and the beautiful art of: Marc Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Jim Fern, Jimmy Palmiotti, Andrew Pepoy, Craig Hamilton, Craig Russell, Tony Akins and James Jean among other.

“I like islands”, I keep on saying now…


Fancy my illustrations? Write me! If interested in my original works, digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk!

Useless things I can´t pass without

If all the stuff there was in the 53m2 before my arriving was not enough to fill the place up, I added some  cheap and useless little things I love to buy, like these korean rubber stamps that I never used before. Why is it so easy to buy things you don´t need?

(If you double-click on the drawing to make it bigger, you´ll see the stamps design better…)

Toothbrushing time

Of all the watches collection in Casa 53, this Longines is my favourite. It will be placed in the bathroom, to time the 2 minutes they recommend to spend into tooth brushing. For a bit of glam!


Fancy my illustrations? Write me! If interested in my original works, digital prints or just for feedback. Let´s talk!


13.30  I woke up. 13.35 switched the iPod deck on  – 13.40 had coffee and read the paper – 14.30 got a shower, got dressed – 14.50 smoked a cigarette – 15.00 cooked a chicken curry – 15.30 ate leftover lentils – 16.15 grabbed this collection of watches from Mr 53m2 – 16.20 I realized I never wear a watch. Started putting watches in place – 16.30 I realized they are all quite classical, not a digital Cassio here eg. Well, the Star Wars Lego one will do for the hip bit – 16.35 started to draw – 17.00 another cigarette – 18.00 and another one – 19.00 and one more – 20. 00 yep. one more cigarette. had two drawings by then. this one, and the one I´ll post tomorrow – 20.30 had sex…time off – 22.00 scanned the drawings – 22.30 set the table. had the curry – 22.45 i am writing this. That was my day. I enjoyed every minute of it. No watches needed. I lived it in the present.


Till love will keep you together.

We are friends, we are lovers, we are partners and… we are divorced. Life teared us apart, not death. In fact, death made us feel closer than ever one day we went into a comic store. Death á la Tim Burton. We were never one of those couples that dresses in the same colours, wears the same watch and so on. Even our rings were different. I actually never put mine on. That day, we both spotted this amazing “Nightmare before Christmas” t-shirt, with big stitches on one sleeve (like Sally´s arms), beautiful screen print, and best of all, a coffin-shaped packaging. We fell for it. We bought two of them. I used the coffin for pencils, Mr 53m2 took his with him when we split. And now that life has put us together again, I smile when I see his little coffin on the shelf. Mine is not here, is with my things, peacefully resting somewhere else. But I am here. And this time I wish we stay together till death tear us apart.


Bicicleta dreams.

I walk with a bicycle under my feet. The soles of my new Hudson boots have an engraving of a cute old-fashioned bicycle. And if I stand with those boots, on top of the road bicycle at 53m2, then I would be standing on 2 bicycles at a time. Three if I stand on both feet. I´ll try that on the weekend. Meanwhile, this city is impossible to ride, and work is 16km away on a highway. So many many thanks to Will for the bicycle, but I will have to leave it in the patio from monday to friday.  I will keep on walking with my boots, while at least I keep on having my bicicleta dreams.