The importance of being a suitcase.

In 53m2-land, being a suitcase is a huge responsibility. Mr. 53m2 works on the travel industry, and being also a lover of outdoors, he has a vast array of bags, backpacks, suitcases, wheeled uprights, garment bags, totes and rolling luggage, all of which I will draw in a future post, and all of which have their share of care and attention depending on the occasion. But I can imagine them all feeling jealous of my Rilowa, which comes with me everywhere, cause everything fits. This time she was kind of “on a diet” for a trip to the coast. I just packed beach shoes, driving and diving license, sunblock, notebook and drawing pen, beauty case, my favourite dress, bikinis, shorts and a couple of tshirts. I might have included “The unbearable lightness of being” to make her feel heavier. Instead I took “The day Marilyn died” by Terenci Moix, a magnificent novel on different generations of the same family in Barcelona. I also got just one souvenir of the trip: the Spanish edition of “Things the grandchildren should know” by Mark  Everett (Eels), which I deeply recommend to any kind of baggage.