Fridges wars.

Who´s got the coolest magnets in the fridge? I used to collect them, only special ones, kitsch or pop, and even made my own with imported beers caps, using them to hold nice illustrations and pictures. And I thought I had the coolest fridge side ever. But I don´t know  what to think anymore. My magnets are in a box, somewhere in the Galaxy, and what D.53m2 has is this collection (illustrated just a sample) of Star Wars magnets by Kotobukiya. If not the coolest, the freakiest! May the magnetism be with you.


Makeup for top dust specks.

Let´s see. Today I found here: a weird thing to hold and look at tiny things through a magnifying glass, a white palette, brushes and paints for models. I am not into World War planes models so, what else? Models? Tiny? I rather use it to makeup dust specks to make them look like tiny top models!

Talking to motorbikes.

Some people do talk to plants when they are home alone. Considering that Mr 53m2 left for a month trip, leaving me alone and leaving his motorbike in the lounge, I decided to have a few conversations with her instead. Like, “Oh, shit, you are impossible to draw” or “Not again!, stop hitting me with the exhaust while I try to get out”. I know it is weird to keep a Kawasaki in the lounge, specially living in 53m2, but I like her and don´t mind. Some days I get driven to work by A and it´s fantastic, because it only takes 20 minutes instead of the hour and a half that takes me by tube. Today I told her it´s time for her to move on her own. She won´t listen. Motorbikes…


The luxury of getting old

They say if you suffer a shark attack you better go back to the sea soon, to swim, or you will be scared of it for life. Last year I lived a metaphorical shark attack, while living and swimming in the inspiring seas of Londontown, and I recently went back so i will not relate nice places with suffering. And what I found is the joy of having made good friends there, which is the best thing ever, as cheesy as it sounds. This post is dedicated to them and to the birthday presents they made me, a nice collection of objects that are demanding a place in the 53m2.

(The cake, champagne candles  and the book come from Esther)


The importance of being a suitcase.

In 53m2-land, being a suitcase is a huge responsibility. Mr. 53m2 works on the travel industry, and being also a lover of outdoors, he has a vast array of bags, backpacks, suitcases, wheeled uprights, garment bags, totes and rolling luggage, all of which I will draw in a future post, and all of which have their share of care and attention depending on the occasion. But I can imagine them all feeling jealous of my Rilowa, which comes with me everywhere, cause everything fits. This time she was kind of “on a diet” for a trip to the coast. I just packed beach shoes, driving and diving license, sunblock, notebook and drawing pen, beauty case, my favourite dress, bikinis, shorts and a couple of tshirts. I might have included “The unbearable lightness of being” to make her feel heavier. Instead I took “The day Marilyn died” by Terenci Moix, a magnificent novel on different generations of the same family in Barcelona. I also got just one souvenir of the trip: the Spanish edition of “Things the grandchildren should know” by Mark  Everett (Eels), which I deeply recommend to any kind of baggage.