Zorra & Perra, the bitchy turtles.

These two guys were originally named as “Oferta” and “Swarzeneger”. WTF? Yes, that´s what I thought as well, but all I could negotiate is calling them “Jabberwocky” and “Suazi”. Not that I chose those either.

On the drawing, I am not very happy with it. I decided to draw them cause only the aquarium itself occupies 1 meter in the house. So they earned their place in this blog. But they are more difficult to draw than a crazy squirrel, moving non stop at an speed that belies the name of their breed. I got SO anxious waiting for them to stop swimming around, that I renamed them again. I ended up calling them “Zorra” (Spanish for “female fox”, slang for “Bitch”) and “Perra” (Spanish for “female dog”, slang for “Bitch”).