Control remote control.

In the cave, there are four remote controls: tv, ps2, stereo and ipod deck. Direct power to get access to entertainment. But I usually have just one way to get access to the remote power. Find it below among my favourite 53m2 choice of movies, series, games and music.

The key to 53m2 secrets.

There should be  a master key to all the places I need access to: the 53 m2 cave, my flat, my parents´s, their country house, the car park, the mailbox, the kitchen door, the concierge door, etc. But most importantly, there should be a way not to forget grabbing them before going out. One technique I came up with is recording in the ipod shuffle this popular children Spanish song that says something like “Where are the keys? nanananachimpon“, but then I keep forgetting grabbing the shuffle.

Enjoy the song. And don´t forget your keys.



Scattered all over the 53m2 cave, there are all these head coverings to be used outside. Hats to wear in the mountain, in the beach, in the pool or just to be the coolest in the neighborhood. On a shelf, there is also a funny gift: a hunting trophy with the skull of a baboon. I can imagine him alive wearing the Panama hat, or even the swimming cap, and who knows if he could have escaped his fate by wearing the helmet!


Broken breakfasts

Everybody has a fetish object at home. My boyfriend did keep his breakfast mug from childhood, replacing it when it broke 14 years ago. Then he got himself 2 mugs that have been with him all these years. Till yesterday. They fell from the cupboard, with a litlle help from me… Assuming that he also used them to have a chocolate before going to sleep, it felt as if I broke his vehicle to sweet dreams. All I could do to redeem my clumsiness was to illustrate the drama with a drawing. And running to the shop to get new mugs.

Leftovers to take away

Went to a nice restaurant and, after 4 starters, I was too full to eat my arroz a banda (similar to paella), so I ordered it to take away. That is something weird to do in Spain. I don´t know why, but in a country where food is such a pleasure, taking it away from your dish at a restaurant is still seen as seedy. I like to do it because I work for food, that simple. And to have a roof. So when I get treated under the roofs of nice hotel, I also take the unused shampoos away ;-)

Once at the  53 m2, I found interesting seasonings to draw. Guess in the drawing which is the right one for the arroz a banda.


53 square meters of smoke

That is what comes out of a box of cigarettes. Enough to fill the house up and make it misty, and nasty. The reason why I do not smoke indoors, but only in the patio. Usually I smoke 6 a day: 3 at work, 3 at home. Today I might try to smoke the drawing. Will keep you posted on that.

Happy smokey friday.

Zorra & Perra, the bitchy turtles.

These two guys were originally named as “Oferta” and “Swarzeneger”. WTF? Yes, that´s what I thought as well, but all I could negotiate is calling them “Jabberwocky” and “Suazi”. Not that I chose those either.

On the drawing, I am not very happy with it. I decided to draw them cause only the aquarium itself occupies 1 meter in the house. So they earned their place in this blog. But they are more difficult to draw than a crazy squirrel, moving non stop at an speed that belies the name of their breed. I got SO anxious waiting for them to stop swimming around, that I renamed them again. I ended up calling them “Zorra” (Spanish for “female fox”, slang for “Bitch”) and “Perra” (Spanish for “female dog”, slang for “Bitch”).


Ready to assemble. Clouds not included.

These are just an example, but I found dozens of model kit boxes in the house, waiting to be assembled when the cold winter keep us at home. The coolest I saw is a model of the plane used by Miyazaki´s character Porco Rosso , which I will draw as soon as it is ready.


…to the place where things become lines: a packed with things 53 square meters  loft that just became my home, my casa, and my drawing studio. Amazing all the stuff one can live with. Or should I say “can´t live without”?.